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Savory Thai classics & surprising signature dishes in New York.

For most, Thai cuisine conjures up deep savoury flavours informed by exotic herbs and spices. Hey Thai’s culinary team pays homage to classic Thai cuisine to create authentic time-honoured dishes as well as contemporary Pan-Asian fusion.
Our diverse menu offers fully customisable items for those with dietary restrictions and food allergies. Vegan, vegetarian or plant-based are not issues with most of selections.
As an added benefit many of our dishes are flavoured with the legendary health promoting properties of lemongrass, ginger, garlic, chili, and turmeric.
Hey Thai strives to promote the highest quality Thai cuisine for or guests. We look forward to serving you soon.

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Savory Thai classics & surprising signature dishes on New York.

Hey Thai
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our mission is to ensure your supreme dining experience by striving to serve you excellent food and drinks, and to become your favorite go-to neighborhood restaurant.